Mobilising the market place

The most significant developments are being driven by the occasional merchants

The biggest innovations in m-payment mechanisms among merchants seem to be at the lower end of the market. But Big Retail is still in the running and everyone is seeking to influence a change in behaviour.

Credit Card Bill

Bill Gajda, Visa's head of mobile

Financial institutions like Visa have spent the last 20 years laying the rails for international payment systems. Visa is now leveraging those frameworks to mobilise the commerce experience.

Burning a hole in the pocket


In a world where it’s almost too easy to part with your digital currency, innovation has moved on to the contents of the digital wallet.

The case for pan regional roaming on the African continent

Africa’s roamers are biased toward enterprise users who generally have higher expendable incomes

The opportunity for roaming in Africa is tied to the available audience which is limited by factors that include the available audience for such services based on national expenditures and the GDP PPP of would-be roamers and travel patterns in the region. On the positive-side Africa’s roamers are biased toward enterprise users who generally have higher expendable incomes and greater resistance to price fluctuations (price inelastic).

Zong founder takes helm of Paypal

Zong was a carrier billing pioneer

Online payment giant Paypal has named entrepreneur and founder of Zong, David Marcus, as its president. Marcus had held the position of VP of mobile since the acquisition of Zong last year.

Operators losing $58bn on poor billing systems, finds report

Operators are letting 6 per cent of revenues slip through their fingers, according to a report

The mobile industry lost more than $58bn in 2011, due to inadequate operator billing systems, according to a report published this week. The figure, which represents over six per cent of operators’ global revenues, was attributable to inadequate fraud management and revenue assurance processes, according to Juniper Research. And it is a figure that currently looks set to grow.

End-to-end trend continues as Netcracker nabs Convergys’ BSS

Monitise plans to acquire US counterpart Clairmail

Customer demand for cost-effective IT systems which promise data monetization, content and partner management capabilities and above all else fully end-to-end OSS/BSS integration, was the driver behind the acquisition of Convergys’ BSS business, according to the management of Netcracker. The strategy however highlights the continuing trend towards single, fully-integrated platform solutions and away from open, standardized interfaces.

Swedish operators to replicate m-payment strategy in Norway, Denmark

Sweden’s PTS is auctioning bloack klicences for the 1800MHz band

Swedish operators Telia, Telenor, Tele2 and 3 are planning to replicate their 4T mobile payment joint venture in Norway and Denmark, where some or all of them are present in the market. Swedish firm 4T was created in November last year and is 25 per cent owned by each operator.

Telefonica invests in m-payment venture

Telefónica clearly sees opportunity in the mobile payments space

The Digital arm of Spain-based carrier Telefónica clearly sees opportunity in the mobile payments space, on Thursday announcing investment in, and a strategic agreement with, m-payment firm Boku.

Gold in the hills for m-payment players

Ebay is predicting global sales of $8bn via mobile on eBay alone

Service revenues or fees from m-commerce transactions are expected to reach $37bn by 2016, bolstered by mobile remote payments for physical goods and services and international mobile money transfers. These two elements together will be worth over $25bn in 2016, accounting for two thirds of the total m-commerce market, according to statistics released this week.

Giffgaff kicks out data hungry users

MVNO Giffgaff is owned by O2

UK MVNO Giffgaff has revealed that it is kicking data-hungry users off its network after discovering that less than one per cent of its customers are accounting for over a third of its total mobile internet data use across its entire network. The firm said that it has been looking into the usage patterns of mobile internet traffic on its network over the past few months, and has decided to put into place some new procedures as a result of its findings.

12 top OSS/BSS trends for 2012

Pricing of LTE services is set to drop by 60 per cent over 5 years

2012 promises to be an exciting year in the OSS and BSS sectors as the industry moves into the next phase of support software deployment. Despite the economic gloom which still hangs over many of the world’s major economies, there is room for optimism in most of the geographical regions as operators in the mature markets begin to explore the possibilities of policy-based on-line charging (OLC)

Spoilt for choice

Application stores, now swollen with content, have become daunting, especially for first-time users

Since mid-2008, when Apple first opened the doors of its genre-defining App Store, the concept has swept the mobile industry and become the primary means for consumers to discover content. While there are some who believe the devices space has become a two horse race in terms of platforms, with Apple and Google’s Android as the only runners, the software side of the mobile experience is in a state of flux, and 2012 may still be too early to place confident bets.

Demand for on-line charging means vendors can’t wait for 3GPP to catch up

Ericsson's sevice allows consumers to pay for services whilst in an app with no credit card

It is now generally agreed among most OSS/BSS vendors and an increasing number of operators that the market focus for policy control and its related technologies has shifted from basic traffic management to enabling the implementation of real-time discounting, upselling, cross-selling and a range of mobile broadband services as yet unimagined. Fundamental to the realization of this bright new and hopefully profitable future is the requirement for close integration between OLC (On-Line Charging) and the PCRF.

UK MPs lobby for stolen phone cost protection

UK politicians have supported a call to lower the cost of phone calls made from stolen handsets

Several UK politicians have supported a call to lower the cost of phone calls made from stolen handsets for which the handset owner is liable. The Early Day Motion – a motion tabled by MPs for debate but holds no legal weight – was put forward on the back of research from consumer magazine Which? That revealed nearly six million people were victims of mobile telephone theft in the past five years.

Cooperation on strategy needed to make NFC successful

Businesses need to collaborate to establish business models to make NFC services successful

The convergence of many different markets to deliver near-field communication (NFC) payments, and the complexity of these new commercial relationships, has created a barrier to widespread deployment, according to the Mobey Forum. The global, not-for-profit, financial industry-driven group claims that as NFC technology continues to gain momentum, businesses need to explore different implementation models, define the business case and roles that will meet their requirements and establish a clear go-to-market strategy with partners.

Vodafone UK offers 3-month “Data Test Drive”

Vodafone is offering a 3-month test drive for smartphone users

Vodafone UK is trialling a scheme for new and upgrading customers, allowing them to “test drive” an all-you-can-eat data plan for three months, to inspire confidence in smartphones and in the contracts that they opt for.

EU wants to make copper less attractive

EU Commissioner Neelie Kroeas wants to encourage operators to invest in fibre

EU Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes has announced a public consultation looking for ways to make copper-based telecommunications networks less attractive to operators in a bid to spur investment in fiber.

Verizon to curb data usage for heavy users

Verizon has announced it is implementing "network optimisation practices"

Verizon has begun implementing “network optimisation practices” to manage traffic and data speeds for the five per cent of users that consume the most data with their 3G devices on the company’s unlimited data plans.

Google Wallet goes live

Google Wallet will start off in the US

Google’s mobile wallet venture has become a commercial reality, although it remains very much in its infancy. A trial was announced in May and, at present, the service is supported only by the Samsung Nexus S 4G (WiMAX) handset on the Sprint network in the US, although the retail side is supported by the MasterCard PayPass network