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Carriers increasingly laying claim on Android Market through billing and “content channels”

Sprint now offers carrier direct billing for Android market users

The relationship between operators and Android Market is getting closer. Not only is carrier billing featuring much more prominently on the application store, but so are operator storefronts.

Come on Amazon light my Fire


When it comes to the relationship between the devices and content they offer Amazon and Apple are two very different companies. Apple’s App Store was created to act as a differentiating feature that is available only to their end users, in order to compel consumers to purchase Apple devices rather than those of their rivals. While for Amazon it is the reverse, their devices exist to encourage the growth of the market for the sale of the digital content that is available on their online store.

Another mobile Linux is born; Meego comes and goes

The short-lived Nokia N9

While long suspected, the reasons for ex-CTO Rich Green’s departure from Nokia have this week become clear. The Finnish firm’s first and last Meego-based handset was released Tuesday, while the OS itself was formally executed with a view to what’s left being assimilated by the LiMo and Linux Foundations.

HP, Oracle open app store warehouses

HP and Oracle are helping operators to open their own app stores

Software and middleware vendors HP and Oracle have been all over the app store bandwagon this week, both unveiling platforms designed to help service providers and operators get their own app store initiatives underway.

App downloads surge as Android outstrips Apple

Android Market will support in-app billing

The world’s smartphone users will download a total of 18 billion mobile apps during 2018, up 144 per cent from 7.4 billion in 2010, according to Ovum. The firm forecast that the number of downloads will grow to 45 billion in 2016.

Telefonica intros carrier billing via BlueVia

Carrier billing is a hot topic

Telefónica’s global API program, BlueVia, has this week released a new billing API designed to cater to carrier billing functionality for app developers.

Samsung adds Bada bling with version 2.0

The original Samsung Wave

South Korean handset maker Samsung is stepping up development of its own homebrew operating system this week, on Wednesday introducing a development kit for Bada version 2.0.

Death of a salesman?

Back to the main feature and more interviews on advertising

The hype and excitement generated by the advent of digital advertising a decade ago led to widespread speculation on the death of traditional media. But were those predictions very much exaggerated or just premature?

Facebook pitches mobile messaging app

Facebook has designs on mobile messaging

Social networking giant Facebook has taken the wraps off Facebook Messenger, a dedicated mobile messaging application which will compete with Blackberry Messenger and over the top offerings like WhatsApp, as well as SMS.

Jay Altschuler, Unilever

Jay Altschuler, Director of global media innovation, Unilever

We are at the start of a new digital era. The next stage shouldn’t be called Web 3.0 as it’s not about the ‘web’ anymore. Mobility is the heart of this new era and people spend more time in apps than they do on the web. There are very deep layers of personalisation in mobile apps that can aggregate all the activity that you and your friends are involved in, this gives us functionality that can predict user behaviour.

Feature phone apps set for strong growth

The feature phone market may be more lucrative for some

App adoption is sinking down to the feature phone range of handsets, with the global market for feature phone apps set to double to $1bn by 2016.

Public loves apps more than burgers

Billions and billions have apps have been served

There’s no doubt that mobile apps have proved to be a runaway success, early in July Apple announced 15 billion downloads since it first opened the App Store in 2008 and Google is hot on its heels. But what yardstick should we use to really quantify this growth? As it’s silly season, software firm Sybase 365 chose hamburgers.

Early days

Rob Jonas, VP & managing director for Europe & Middle East at InMobi

The global mobile advertising ecosystem has been enjoying strong growth of late, with ad impressions increasing by 23 per cent compared to the end of March to reach almost 105 billion requests by end-June, but it’s still at a very early stage, says Rob Jonas, VP & managing director for Europe & Middle East at mobile ad network InMobi.

Android tablets to close the gap on iPad in 2015

Tablet devices could help carriers regain ground in the enterprise market

According to the latest forecasts from Informa Telecoms & Media, Android tablet sales will be neck and neck with the iPad in 2015 with 87 million and 90 million unit sales, respectively. Although Apple has dominated this space since the launch of the iPad in 2010, this is set to change with the introduction of low-cost Android tablets, the wider launch of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and the possibility of other major brands such as Amazon launching tablets on the OS.

O2UK intros location-driven loyalty programme

Are you sitting comfortably...? Author Ken Follett reads from his latest book at the launch of O2 Priority Moments in London on Thursday

UK mobile operator O2 has announced a significant push into location based marketing services in a bid to drive customer loyalty. The Priority Moments service, which builds on the firm’s existing Priority loyalty scheme, sees the carrier partnering with a wide range of UK retail and leisure outlets to offer discounts and special offers to its customers.

Alibaba to launch own mobile OS?

Alibaba is rumoured to be developing a mobile operating system

Chinese e-Commerce behemoth Alibaba is reported to be building its own mobile operating system for launch in the third quarter of this year. The OS is likely to be cloud-based – the group has had a dedicated “Alibaba Cloud Computing” unit since 2009, which is now reported to be working on the project.

Zynga files for IPO, says its future is mobile

Social gaming firm Zynga has filed for an IPO in the US

Social gaming giant Zynga has filed for its much-anticipated initial public offering in the US. While the company has yet to put a price tag on the shares, as part of the process of calculating its registration fees with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Zynga has estimated it will raise $1bn from the sale.

Skype introduces cross-platform video calling

Skype has launched a cross-platform video calling service

Skype has upped its game in the mobile market, with the announcement of a “killer ability” that has long been waited for: cross platform video calling.

Users of Skype’s Android app will finally be able to make video calls, not only to other Android users but also to iPhones, laptops and PCs from their smartphones.

Google in spat with Taiwanese government

Google has suspended all Android Market sales in Taiwan, following a spat with the government there

Taiwan’s Taipei City Government has accused Google of attempting “to hold Taiwan’s consumers hostage, in exchange for the privilege of refusing to follow Taiwanese law.” The accusation arises from a dispute between Google and Taiwanese regulators that has resulted in the suspension of all paid-for applications in the Android market in that country.

Google gets its game on

A job desciption posted on Google's web site indicates that the search giant is preparing an assault on the social gaming market

Google has announced its entry into the games market via a job posting on its web site. The role of “Product Manager, Games”, will be based at Google’s Mountain View HQ and comes with a fairly broadly defined job description suggesting that the company’s strategy is very much in its infancy.