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Watching the figures

Flat rate charging: Operators look to put data users on a diet

Take a load off: Traffic management has become essential in the face of the data boom

Smart ideas: O’l timers from the handset market are bidding to retain a stake in the smartphone sector

December 2010

African Market Review 2010

African Market Review provides news and a comprehensive insight into African telecom markets – highlighting the key factors that have stimulated their development – along with a detailed analysis of key developments and markets in this growing region.

December 2010

Broadband World Focus

Welcome to the first edition of the Broadband World Focus, the official publication of the 2010 Broadband World Forum event.

October 2010

Tellabs Insight Q4

Smart mobile networks, not dumb pipes: Inside Tellabs’ new backhaul-core combo.

October 2010

Top of the form

The evolution of the smartphone form factor


Tellabs Insight Q3

TIME for a Change – Upgrading from SDH to DWDM gives Malaysia’s TIME dotCom a new competitive edge.

August 2010

Shared roots

MCI #166, August 2010

The growing interest in deep network sharing


The most influential women in mobile

MCI #165 June 2010

The women who wield the most power in the mobile industry.

June 2010

The LTE Supplement

Now in it’s third year the LTE Special is established as the primary magazine for the Informa series of market-leading LTE events.

May 2010

Something for everyone

Charging ahead: A look at the range of new billing models for mobile operators

Issue #164 April 2010

April 2010

Smartphones, Dongles and the Data Boom

2020 vision: The Decade Ahead

Issue #163 February 2010

February 2010