Hans-on: Ericsson CEO talks about Telcordia acquisition

Hans Vestberg, CEO, Ericsson

Shortly after the announcement that Ericsson is to acquire US firm Telcordia, Mike Hibberd spoke to Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg about the deal. Vestberg explained what it means for his organisation, as well as the 2,600 Telcordia employees that will join the Ericsson payroll when the deal goes through.

The Orange glow of health


Orange has had a dedicated e-health unit in place since 2007. The unit is headed by Thierry Zylberberg, who spoke to about the the intricacies of the health sector and the best ways for telcos help it improve efficiencies, and drive new revenue streams for themselves.

Standard Bearer

Director of Telefonica's Global e-Health Business Unit, Jose Perdomo

Operators believe they have a pivotal role to play in the transformation of the healthcare system. Telefónica’s Jose Perdomo is planting the flag for the spanish carrier.

Getting the measure of LTE

JDSU's Per Kangru

While operators and network vendors tend to make a name for themselves through headline grabbing deployments in the LTE sector, there are companies working in other areas on the new technology that command less of the limelight but nonetheless play a vital role in a successful LTE network roll out. Test and Measurement is one such area, and JDSU one such company. But, says Per Kangru, head of Business Development for LTE at JDSU, there are more benefits to a proactive T&M strategy than people might realise.

Arun with a view

Ericsson's Arun Bhikshesvaran

With experience of a number of LTE deployments in one of the world’s most advanced markets, Ericsson’s VP for strategy and market development in the US, Arun Bhikshesvaran, shares his thoughts on key strategic and technical issues surrounding rollout of the new technology.

Peters Suh: Apps are not a zero-sum game

WAC CEO Peters Suh says mobile applications is not a zero-sum game

When 24 of the telecoms world’s biggest players announced the formation of the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) at the Mobile World Congress in February 2010, it’s fair to say the pundits’ response was overwhelmingly sceptical. Peters Suh, WAC CEO, tells such scepticism was misplaced.

Developing relationships


With the developer community becoming more important than ever, many carriers are faced with the same issue as consumers taking their first plunge into the world of apps – how to find the gems of quality amid the worthless stones. Vodafone’s answer is an annual competition, Mobile Clicks, which aims to identify and develop the best, most innovative mobile internet start ups. caught up with Hemant Madan, Vodafone’s head of developer marketing and the company’s Android app store, ahead of this year’s event.

Fixing LTE’s future

Cameron Rejali, BT Wholesale’s MD for Products

Cameron Rejali, BT Wholesale’s MD for Products will be speaking at the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam from 17-18th May this year. spoke to him about whether the future is fixed, network sharing, the practicalities of Wifi offload and taking a heterogeneous network approach.

M2M – It takes a village

Welcome to SIM city

On a nondescript road not too far from the Hewlett Packard Garage that marks the birth of Silicon Valley, US wireless carrier Sprint has a small premises dedicated to the next great growth opportunity for the mobile industry. The M2M Collaboration Centre enables Sprint to bring together 40 partners to create bespoke M2M solutions for any organisation that needs them.

On the fast track


Vodafone Germany has become the latest European LTE cheerleader, having accomplished the impressive feat of launching LTE service on December 1, 2010, a mere seven months after acquiring the relevant spectrum under auction. Ahead of his appearance as one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming LTE World Summit 2011, Hartmut Kremling, Vodafone Germany’s chief technology officer talked to about the deployment.

Shaping the cloud to meet business needs

Costas Leonidou, Engineer for Value Added Services, Planning and Development Networks at CYTA

Costas Leonidou, Engineer for Value Added Services, Planning and Development Networks at CYTA will be giving a presentation at May’s Telecom Cloud Services Summit in Berlin. talked to him about running a successful cloud services business within a telecom operator environment.

Developing and deploying the enterprise cloud

Jorge Caraphina, Engineer at PT Inovação

The Telecom Cloud Services Summit takes place in Berlin in early May. caught up with speaker Jorge Caraphina, Engineer at PT Inovação, a research and development company under Portugal Telecom Group, to talk about the challenges of scaling, reliability and security while meeting the opportunities that cloud provides in the enterprise customer segment.

From ‘the cloud’ to ‘my cloud’

Eduardo Mendez Polo, global services and cloud computing manager at Telefónica

Ahead of the Telecom Cloud Services Summit in Berlin in early May, caught up with Eduardo Mendez Polo, global services and cloud computing manager at Spanish carrier Telefónica, to talk about cloud as a technology and a business.

The Late Terminal Effect

TDC is still waiting for LTE/3G dongles that work

The technology might be new, but the problems are all too familiar. Danish incumbent TDC has its LTE network deployed in six cities in the country, but is currently restricted to a small scale friendly trial because of a lack of user equipment. It’s a frustrating situation for Bernd Reul, vice president of service platforms for TDC.

LTE on the Gulf course

Etisalat will be one of the LTE pioneers of the Gulf region

Marwan Zawaydeh, chief technology and information officer for UAE carrier Etisalat, is looking to position his firm as the LTE pioneer of the Gulf region. Zawaydeh, who will be presenting a deployment case study at the forthcoming LTE World Summit, speaks to Pamela Weaver about Etisalat’s plans for the technology.

Reaping the dividend

Denis Gautheret is VP of NGMN introduction for Deutsche Telekom in Germany

Denis Gautheret, vice president for NGMN introduction at Deutsche Telekom’s domestic operation, talks to Mike Hibberd about the deployment of LTE in Germany, where carriers are required to provide coverage to rural areas before they’re allowed to roll out in the more lucrative cities. The strength of the ecosystem is all-important, he says, and much progress has been made since the first days of UMTS ten years ago.

New World Operator

Martin Harriman will be speaking on day two of the LTE World Summit in May

It’s not every day that you come across a new carrier staffed by senior executives who are promising to “reset the industry”. But this is the bold claim made for US newcomer Lightsquared by the firm’s executive vice president of ecosystem development and satellite systems, Martin Harriman. Lightsquared aims to redefine the operator business model altogether, as Harriman will be explaining during his presentation at this year’s LTE World Summit in May.

The fountain of youth – Aircel and Blyk

Blyk's Antti Öhrling and Aircel's Gurdeep Singh at the launch of Blyk on Aircel in 2011

Indian carrier Aircel teamed with youth media firm Blyk to launch a content and advertising service in November 2010. It represented the first deployment for Blyk outside of Europe, the firm having switched its model from ad-funded virtual operator to carrier partner after its MVNO play failed to gain the necessary traction. Blyk co-founder Antti Öhrling and Aircel COO Gurdeep Singh spoke to Mike Hibberd about the drivers behind this latest partnership, and the firms’ plans for the future

Cloud formations

Jose Luis Gamo, global cloud services director at Telefónica

Jose Luis Gamo, global cloud services director at Telefónica, talks to James Middleton about the firm’s activities in the space.

Harper’s bazaar

Alan Harper, CEO, Eaton Towers

Tower management company Eaton Towers focuses exclusively on Africa, the region where its three founders have most experience. In this interview, one of those founders and the company’s CEO, Alan Harper, talks to about running a tower sharing marketplace in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.