Australian spectrum auction “damaging to economy”


A consultancy firm specialising in planning national radio spectrum auctions has criticised Australia’s recent digital dividend spectrum for setting reserve prices too high.

Vodafone appoints group carrier services director

Brian Fitzpatrick, Vodafone's incoming head of Group Carrier Services

Mobile operator group Vodafone has announced that telecommunications services provider ACN Europe’s CEO Brian Fitzpatrick will join the firm as group carrier services director.

Service parity biggest VoLTE challenge, says Vodafone Netherlands

Getting IMS-based VoLTE services to interwork with legacy services will be a fundamental challenge to VoLTE

The most challenging aspect of introducing Voice over LTE services (VoLTE) will be deciding how and whether to transition individual legacy voice services to the new domain, according to Michel Lenoir, programme manager for LTE at Vodafone Netherlands

BT to help build O2’s 4G network as it searches for operator partner

BT has signed a ten year deal with mobile operator O2 to support its launch of 4G LTE services

UK incumbent BT has signed a ten year deal with mobile operator O2 to support its launch of 4G LTE services. BT will build a high capacity transmission network for the Telefónica subsidiary as O2’s roll out of 4G services later this year is expected to place even greater pressure on its network.

Vodafone offers TV cloud access in Portugal

Vodafone has launched a cloud hosting service in Portugal that users can access via their TV screens

Operator group Vodafone has launched a cloud hosting service in Portugal that users can access via their TV screens.

Immediate mobile payments come to Europe, M-Pesa to India

Visa Personal Payments users can now make mobile payments across the region immediately, using any European currency. In India, popular money transfer and payment service M-Pesa has now been fully launched.

Payment processing firm Visa Europe has introduced a service allowing consumers to make mobile payments across the region immediately and using any European currency. Meanwhile in India, popular money transfer and payment service M-Pesa has now been fully launched.

Vodafone Australia to offer 4G in Summer

Vodafone Australia has announced it will be launching its 4G service in June

Australian mobile subscribers are set to benefit from a wider choice of LTE service providers after Vodafone Australia announced it will launch its 4G service in June. In doing so, Vodafone will become Australia’s third 4G network.

Vodafone launches services with Telekom Austria

Operator group Telekom Austria has announced that it will offer a range of Vodafone’s consumer services to its subscribers in Austria and Croatia.

Vodafone partners with Polkomtel

Vodafone has signed a partner market agreement with Polish operator Polkomtel

UK operator group Vodafone has signed a partner market agreement with Polish operator Polkomtel. Vodafone’s multinational customers will benefit from the addition of Poland to their existing contracts for international services, the group said. Vodafone disposed of a 24.4 per cent stake in Polkomtel in 2011 as part of a wider strategy to realise value from its non-controlled assets.

What Formula 1 tells us about telco aspirations to become global consumer brands

Vodafone's branding is  now familiar

I remember speaking to a senior director at a Middle Eastern telecoms operator five years ago about Formula 1 motor racing and Vodafone. He’d got used to seeing Vodafone’s name plastered all over race tracks as a sponsor of first the Ferrari and then the McLaren teams. But he didn’t know that Vodafone was a telecoms operator (Vodafone did not operate in his country) – he thought it was a sports marketing brand.

Vodafone and Orange to co-invest in Spanish fibre depoyment

Vodafone and Orange will co-invest €1bn in deploying FTTH in Spain

The Spanish subsidiaries of operator groups Vodafone and Orange will co-invest in fibre to the home (FTTH) deployment in Spain, the former has announced. The two intend to reach six million households and workplaces across 50 major cities by September 2017.

Verizon on the hunt for LTE roaming partners

Verizon is looking for operators abroad to partner with for roaming services

US operator Verizon is seeking operators around the world to act as LTE roaming partners, the firm told Telecoms.com. At Mobile World Congress 2013, Greg Dial, director for global roaming at Verizon Wireless, explained that his brief for the show was to identify potential roaming partners in popular overseas markets.

Vodafone teams with Towers Watson on M2M usage-based insurance

Vodafone is introducing telematics/usage-based insurance services to the operator’s connected car offering

Operator group Vodafone has struck a deal with US business risk management services firm Towers Watson to introduce telematics/usage-based insurance services to the operator’s connected car offering. The service will be offered to motor insurance companies operating outside of North America.

The UK 4G auction: What the industry is saying


The UK’s four mobile network operators have secured 4G spectrum, along with BT subsidiary Niche Spectrum Ventures.However, much of the discussion following regulator Ofcom’s announcement was around the revenue generated for the public purse. Just £2.34bn was raised; Chancellor George Osborne had hoped to secure £3.5bn from the auction.

UK 4G spectrum winners announced

EE, Vodafone, O2, 3UK and BT all won LTE spectrum in the UK

The UK’s four mobile network operators and a subsidiary of fixed line incumbent BT have won LTE spectrum, regulator Ofcom has announced. But bidding was cautious, with the auction raising £2.34bn; £1bn less than the UK Treasury had hoped.

Vodafone strikes deal with BAE Systems

Vodafone has won a supply deal to BAE as part of the pair's strategic partnership

UK operator group Vodafone has struck a five-year deal with British defence firm BAE Systems. The two have penned a partnership to provide businesses with a range of advanced communications security products and services for smartphones and tablets. BAE Systems has also selected Vodafone as its preferred supplier of mobile communications worldwide, excluding the US.

Vodafone’s Kabel Deutschland buy would remove DT’s leverage

Samsung and Google have enjoyed a successful relationship but are now set to battle it out in the mobile OS space

In the eternal chess match that is the German telecoms market, Vodafone may be readying a move to take its king out of check, by buying cable player Kabel Deutschland (KDG). If press reports are accurate, and Vodafone really does buy up Germany’s largest cable provider, it could break out of the fixed-broadband stalemate it finds itself in currently while jumping far ahead of incumbent Deutsche Telekom in the increasingly important TV market.

Vodafone hit by poor performance in Europe

Operator group Vodafone has announced a two per cent year on year drop in revenue for the final quarter of 2012. The group generated £11.39bn over the quarter, with the improvement in its operations in Northern Europe, where the firm generated 5.9 per cent more revenue than in 4Q11, being more than offset by a 17 per cent reduction in revenue from Southern Europe.

Vodafone adds subscribers to Weve

Vodafone has joined EE and O2 in adding its opt-in database to Weve's mobile marketing platform

UK operator Vodafone has added its opted-in subscribers to advertising and commerce joint venture Weve, joining rivals EE and O2. With the addition of one million Vodafone subscriber details, Weve now has a database of more than 15 million UK subscribers.

Huawei and Vodafone trial 2Tbps fibre connection

It costs an average of £50 to send a unit to a repair centre

Vodafone and Chinese telecoms equipment vendor Huawei have completed the world’s first successful field trials of 2Tbps optical fibre transmission technologies on Vodafone’s live network in Germany.