Microsoft debuts Windows Phone 8


Microsoft has unveiled its latest operating system for mobile handsets, Windows Phone 8. The announcement was made in the same week as the firm launched its Surface tablet device, which runs on the Windows 8 operating system for PCs and tablets.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse


Scalado sounds like the name of a character from Goodfellas, the film based on the life of mobster-turned-informant Henry Hill, who died this week. Tony “Eraser” Scalado. If you want someone rubbed out, he’s the man. In fact, Scalado is a Swedish imaging company whose technology can be found in the handsets of all of the top five vendors.

Nokia reshuffles leadership, cuts 10,000 jobs

Stephen Elop continues to take tough decisions in a bid to revive Nokia's fortunes

Finnish handset vendor Nokia has announced sweeping changes among its top ranks and pledged to cut a further 10,000 jobs by the end of 2013 as it adjusts the reality of life as a mid-table vendor. The firm also said that it will drop the prices of its Lumia smartphone range in a bid to stimulate more enthusiasm from consumers, and announced plans to licence its mapping technology to other industries.

Nokia snaps up imaging tech with Scalado buy

The move gives Nokia a new revenue stream from IP licensing

As the quest for talent and intellectual property continues apace, Nokia on Thursday picked up Sweden-based imaging specialist Scalado, securing itself a royalty revenue stream from the editing, enhancing, viewing and sending of images on mobile devices.

Samsung takes top spot in handset battle

Samsung claims top spot in the handset market

Korean vendor Samsung been crowned as the number one handset vendor, displacing Nokia after its 14-year reign.

Up in flames


Historically, there is evidence that Norse warriors were sometimes buried or sent off in a burning ship with a number of slave girls to accompany them to Valhalla. But to be fair to the Scandinavians, human sacrifice has never really been their thing, at least not recently. Still, when you’re a public company, rather than an invading tribe, sometimes these sacrifices have to be made — to appease the Gods of the stock market.

Must all things pass?

What will the device of the future look like?

Nokia’s first-quarter performance reveals that it is suffering in the smartphone space, which is nothing new. Perhaps more worryingly for the firm, it now faces the grim reality that its dominance in the feature phone space is also in serious peril.

Nokia posts €1.34bn Q1 loss

Nokia's posts sizeable Q1 losses

Nokia has announced an operating loss of €1.34bn for 1Q12, blaming “greater than expected competitive challenges and seasonality”. The Finnish firm posted net sales of just €7.4bn, down from the €10.4bn it posted in the first quarter of last year, in which it made €439m in operating profit.

Reality bites


Nokia has been projecting a positive aura over the last few months, an aura which achieved its richest glow with the launch of the Lumia smartphone range towards the end of last year. Response to the new flagships was net positive and a massive brand campaign has since been hammering home the message that Nokia is back.

Nokia warns of losses in face of “competitive industry dynamics”

Nokia's flagship Lumia smartphone

Finnish handset vendor Nokia has announced that is expecting to report a loss for the first two quarters of 2012. In a statement released Wednesday the firm blamed “competitive industry dynamics” for damaging net sales for its Mobile Phones and Smart Devices business units, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, India and China.

Nokia, Microsoft to invest in mobile start-ups in Finland

The initiative will focus on self-sustaining mobile startups

Handset partners Microsoft and Nokia will each invest up to €9m in a development program to drive training, support and startup business opportunities through the AppCampus program at Aalto University, Finland.

WP7 overtakes Symbian in Great Britain

Nokia's WP7 handsets have outsold its Symbian devices in GB

Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft has begun to bear fruit as sales of its devices running on the WP7 platform have outstripped Nokia’s Symbian handsets in Great Britain. The Lumia 800 handset accounted for 87 per cent of WP7 sales in the market, according to latest data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, while Germany remains the strongest market for WP7, with market share for the OS now up to 3.1 per cent.

MWC 2012: “Handset software is a commodity”


MWC 2012 provided further evidence of an escalating war between operators and device manufacturers, according to analysts at Informa Telecoms & Media. Apart from those launched by Nokia, there was only one device unveiled that ran on the Microsoft Windows Phone platform, which was one of the many launched by ZTE. Meanwhile, one of the announcements that caused waves in the industry was Telefónica’s news that it has teamed up with Firefox browser-maker Mozilla to create a new mobile platform, B2K.

Nokia looks to withdraw from mobile money services

Nokia has confirmed it is "exploring exit strategies" for its mobile money services in India

Nokia is exploring options for a “structured exit” from its mobile money services in India. The Finnish handset maker also confirmed that it does not consider mobile money services to be core to its strategy in the future.

MWC – thoughts from day one


It´s amazing what Nokia has done in a year. That was my primary impression from the first day of the show. Partly that´s because the first thing I did was attend the firm´s press conference. But mostly it´s because Stephen Elop has delivered what he promised to by accelerating Nokia´s execution to a point that would have been scarcely credible just a couple of years ago.

MWC: Nokia launches new range of devices


Nokia has announced today two new smartphones powered by Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP7), the Lumia 610 and an LTE-less variant of Lumia 900 targeting Non-US market. With the introduction of these new smartphones, Nokia aims to broaden its WP7 portfolio beyond the main-stream smartphone market.

Nokia to cut 4,000 jobs as manufacturing moves to Asia


Struggling handset giant Nokia has announced that it will cut 4,000 jobs in Hungary, Mexico and Finland, as it looks to move device manufacturing to Asia.

Nokia Lumia fails to halt smartphone sales slump

Microsoft's Windows 7 devices will not be available in China until 2012

Nokia’s set of recent results for 4Q11 show some of its worst results ever for a final quarter. While total volume shipments were down eight per cent year-on-year, probably in line with expectations, surprisingly volume sales for smart devices were down a massive 31 per cent – and this during a quarter when Nokia launched its eagerly-awaited Microsoft Windows Lumia smartphones.

Show and tell


It was all about the numbers this week as the great and the good of the industry played show and tell with their bank statements. There weren’t many in the market revelling in unreservedly good news on the financial front but, true to form, Apple had another bonanza to report.

Nokia posts €954m loss in Q4

Nokia's operating loss for 4Q11 totalled €954m

Nokia has announced that it has made a staggering operating loss of €954m ($1.25bn) in 4Q11. The Finnish firm recorded an operating profit of €884m in the same period last year, and a -€71m loss in the third quarter of 2011. Meanwhile, revenues for the quarter drop year-on-year from €12.6m in 4Q10 to €10m.