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UK sees surprise 4G bidders

EE, 3UK, O2, Vodafone, HKT, MLL Telecom and Niche Spectrum Ventures have all qualified to bid for the UK's 4G auction

Seven firms have qualified to bid in the UK’s 4G spectrum auction, including three new entrants. Joining EE, 3UK, O2 and Vodafone are HKT – a subsidiary of PCCW; MLL Telecom; and Niche Spectrum Ventures – a subsidiary of BT.

EE’s 4G launch is the start of the race, not the end

UK operators have hit out at Ofcom's proposals to allow Everything Everywhere to begin offering LTE services before competitors

Ofcom doesn’t get a whole lot of days like this. I suggested back in March that when you get a bunch of mobile operators in the same room to talk about spectrum, the one thing they’ll be able to agree on is that somewhere, somehow the regulator has dropped the ball. The Finally 4G Westminster e-Forum featured none of that, presumably to the great relief of the Ofcom representatives in attendance.

EE invests in significant network coverage

Sprint has added 11 more areas to its LTE coverage map

On Thursday, EE announced a major new phase in the build out of its UK 4G network. By committing to cover a further 17 towns and cities in 2013 and taking its total to 35, the speed of coverage expansion is proceeding faster than outlined in EE’s original strategy and noticeably faster than we have seen in most other 4G markets worldwide. By the end of 2014, EE hopes to achieve near nationwide population coverage and extend its 4G reach to 98 per cent of the UK population.

How 4G changes the user experience

4G technology could redefine the way people consume mobile content

As LTE signals the next wave of mobile connectivity technology, operators and content providers are busy exploring how the introduction of 4G services changes how users interact with the world wide web while on the go.

Olympics 2012: A real time exercise

Bradley Wiggins

During the summer, the UK’s mobile operator community got to hone its skills on real time network performance management, when ten million visitors descended on the country’s capital for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Operator Team GB

Richard Caul, EE

This summer’s Olympic Games represented a huge undertaking for UK operators faced with the challenge of delivering mobile coverage to ten million visitors across the Olympic Park and associated venues.

Ofcom sets £1.3bn reserve price for UK LTE auction


UK regulator Ofcom has released its regulations and schedule for the auction of 800MHz and 2600MHz spectrum to be used for LTE services. The regulator has set a reserve price of £1.3bn for all available spectrum, including 2x15MHz of 1800MHz spectrum that Everything Everywhere is required to divest as part of the deal that saw it cleared to launch LTE at 1800MHz in October.

Weve signs with HR outsourcer

M-commerce JV Weve signs an HR outsourcer

The m -commerce joint venture between UK operators Everything Everywhere, O2 and Vodafone; Weve (formerly Project Oscar)is going down the outsourcing route to grow quickly. The JV will outsource HR, payroll and recruitment functions to HR outsourcing specialist plusHR.

EE revenue falls as a result of MTR and roaming cuts

EE's quarterly revenue dropped three per cent in Q3

The UK holding company for the Orange, T-Mobile and EE brands, Everything Everywhere, has seen its service revenue drop three per cent in the quarter ending September 30, 2012. Revenue fell to £1.50bn for the quarter, for which the firm blamed the impact of mobile termination rate (MTR) and roaming cuts. The company said that without these cuts service revenue would have grown by 3.1 per cent.

The Big Switch On: The marriage Orange and T-Mobile networks and the birth of 4G


The network is the backbone of our company. It’s been our core product for over 20 years. It began in the 90s with 2G and the first steps toward a digital revolution for mobile. 2G was great for making phone calls and sending texts. At the time, it was revolutionary, but very quickly it became a basic expectation for the people of the western world.

EE announces 4G price plans

The initial LTE1800 lineup

UK operator group Everything Everywhere’s LTE brand EE has announced the pricing plans for its service, which will go live October 30. The operator has chosen to base its tariffs around volume of data, rather than speed. The cheapest 4G tariff including the full price of a handset is £41 per month with a 1GB data limit on a 24-month contract.

EE prices LTE for broad-base of users

EE CEO  Olaf Swantee at the launch event

Everything Everywhere (“EE”), the newly-created UK operator owned by Orange and T-Mobile, had a blank sheet of paper to define how it positioned in the UK market with its upcoming LTE launch. This would no doubt have been a daunting if thrilling prospect, and obviously not without a reasonable probability for failure. Rather than radical change, what EE has done is hone-in on the core operator functions while rethinking how it can differentiate in the market with them.

UK operators create firm to speed up 800MHz LTE

Everything Everywhere, Telefónica O2, 3UK and Vodafone have formed Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited

The UK’s four mobile network operators have formed a company to speed up the deployment of the 800MHz frequency band vacated by the Digital Switchover. Regulator Ofcom announced early October that the spectrum, which will be used to roll out LTE services will be made usable earlier than planned, following peace talks between the UK government, the nation’s operators and the telecommunications regulator Ofcom.

Everything Everywhere should price LTE for all postpaid mobile broadband users, not just the highest spending ones

Huawei has made a £1.3bn R&D investment in the UK

Now is an exciting time for Everything Everywhere (EE) as the soon-to-launch LTE operator works out how it can best ensure a successful LTE launch and create a strong and sustainable position in the UK mobile market.

4G in the UK: Timelines settled, now fight for the customers

The UK is finally set to see LTE services launched in the coming weeks

The UK’s 4G saga may have reached its climax in August with Everything Everywhere receiving permission to launch its own LTE network early, but the story isn’t over yet. UK regulator Ofcom announced yesterday that it would move forward the auction for the Digital Dividend creating by switching off analogue TV, and that clearance of TV transmitters will be brought forward by around five months.

UK speeds up availability of 800MHz spectrum for LTE auction

Millimetre wave is becoming a strong backhaul option

The spectrum that will be allocated to the UK’s operators to roll out LTE services will be made usable earlier than planned, following peace talks between the UK government, the nation’s operators and the telecommunications regulator Ofcom.

Ofcom holding LTE peace talks with UK operators

The UK's operators are holding talks about the prospect of moving the nation's LTE auction forward

UK regulator Ofcom is holding peace talks with the country’s mobile operators today in a bid to diffuse the tension that surrounds the UK’s LTE licensing process. Vodafone and O2 reacted angrily to Ofcom’s decision in August to clear Everything Everywhere’s launch of LTE in re-farmed 1800MHz spectrum before the end of this year.

UK moving towards operator billing for physical goods

UK consumers could soon buy physical goods through their operator

UK operators could soon be facilitating payments for physical goods bought by subscribers via carrier billing services. Direct operator billing firm, Mach, has now signed Vodafone, Everything Everywhere, O2 and 3UK up to its Direct Operator Billing platform for digital goods, and said that the use of such a solution to purchase physical goods is on the horizon.

Monkey Business


This week it was announced that a new species of monkey had been discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To the untrained eye – and even to the trained eye – this new monkey bears a striking resemblance to species already in circulation. Nevertheless, close inspection revealed it to be distinct from its peers. The fact that the differences are less in evidence than the similarities has not dampened the sense of jubilation in the monkey-studying community, because new monkeys don’t come along all that often.

Vodafone, O2 could launch LTE in 900MHz band

The UK is finally set to see LTE services launched in the coming weeks

UK regulator Ofcom has said that there is nothing stopping EE’s rivals, such as Vodafone and O2, from putting in an application to alter their 900MHz spectrum licence for LTE usage. A ruling in early 2011 meant that all operators are now free to use their 2G spectrum for 3G services, so extension of that same ruling to encompass 4G would be a small amend.