Motorola recruits Apple evangelist

Guy Kawasaki signs for Motorola

In a bid to revitalise its recently acquired handset business, Google has called on Apple’s former chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki to act as an advisor at Motorola Mobility. Kawasaki’s role at the firm will be focused on product design, user interface, marketing and social media.

UK retailers recommend Samsung products ahead of Apple

Samsung is the retailers choice

According to the latest research from Informa Telecoms & Media, sales staff at leading UK retailers are more likely to recommend a Samsung device ahead of an Apple one despite Apple’s widespread marketing and advertising campaigns.

Parallel universe


Today the Informer feels like he has woken up in a parallel universe; one in which Apple is being vilified for its quarterly financial performance, while Nokia recorded an actual profit.

“Strange” Apple LTE policy omits Asian and Russian networks

There are still networks out there waiting for LTE approval from Apple

Apple will next week add another 36 networks to the selection of carriers that are permitted to offer the iPhone 5 with LTE support enabled. Tim Cook, CEO of the handset vendor, made the revelation as part of the company’s earnings call earlier this week. However, the expanded list does not extend to carriers in parts of Asia and Russia.

Apple posts flat profit as competition builds

In 1Q13, gross margin fell from 44.7 per cent to 38.6 per cent, meaning that Apple's net profit stayed flat at $13.1bn

Despite posting another quarter of sustained growth in sales, Apple’s profit remained flat in the first quarter of 2013 highlighting competitive pressure and concerns over innovation.

Apple launches instalment scheme in China

Apple has started offering instalment plans for its products in China

In a bid to compete with its smartphone rivals in the largest mobile market in the world, Apple has started offering instalment plans for its products in China, the first OEM in the country to do so when selling its own products directly. According to reports, the company has taken this step because it has been struggling to shift its products, which are typically more expensive than those of its competitors. Regardless of the near-term competitive environment Apple faces in China the instalment plans are a bold and innovative way for Apple to make the iPhone more attractive to consumers who are used to buying smartphones from local rivals such as ZTE for much less.

BT launches VoIP smartphone app

BT is has launched an app offering customers cheaper calls from their iPhones

UK fixed line incumbent BT is looking to take a slice of mobile operators’ revenues with an app that it has launched today. The BT SmartTalk app allows customers to make calls over a data connection from their iPhones,in a similar way to over-the-top solutions providers such as Skype and Viber, billed at the same rates that they are charged for calls from their BT landlines.

Why wifi is enough for most Christmas iPad shoppers

Apple's next devices are likely to support 802.11ac wifi, according to Xirrus' Correll

They sold out of wifi-enabled iPad mini tablets at 8.30am this morning at the flagship Apple store in Regent Street, London. It has been a similar story every day this week. The nice Apple lady in the shop told me that the queues were now starting at around 6.00am.

It’s tough at the top


It’s a lament often made by those at the heady heights of their careers, but who is it tougher on: the bright stars or the team they work with?

The great dictator


The revelation that Apple is vetting operators’ LTE networks focused the industry once more on the power struggle between carriers and leading device vendors.

China Mobile readying TD-LTE for Hong-Kong

China Mobile's converged Hong Kong LTE network is expected to be launched in a matter of weeks

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator will launch LTE in Hong Kong on 18 December, according to reports. Hong Kong is already well served for LTE with all four other operators, Hutchison, PCCW and CSL and CMHK, offering 4G services. The move however, has larger significance in that it indicates that China Mobile is readying a wider TD-LTE–based launch in mainland China.

Apple LTE policy likely to hit smaller networks hardest

How do operators get approved?

Apple’s decision to vet operators’ networks for LTE performance before allowing the iPhone 5 to function as an LTE device is likely to hit smaller, unaffiliated operators hardest, according to Dimitris Mavrakis, principal analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media.

Testing times


Back in October a chum of the Informer’s from one of the big infrastructure vendors told him that Apple was auditing LTE networks before allowing operators to offer the iPhone 5 as an LTE device. The Informer made a few calls to people in the know and was told the story was true, although Apple maintained a stony silence and nobody else, operator or vendor, would go on the record. Until now.

Apple vetting operators on LTE network performance


Apple is not allowing mobile operators to offer the iPhone 5 as an LTE device unless they pass the Californian vendor’s own, independent tests for LTE network performance, Swisscom has confirmed.

Major shake-up in Apple leadership

Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iPhone Software, Apple

Californian vendor Apple on Monday announced an executive reshuffle, which will see the departure of Scott Forstall, one of the original architects of the Mac OS X operating system and head of the team responsible for the software platform at the heart of the iconic iPhone device.

Third quarter earnings round-up

Firms in the telecommunications sector have released their earnings report for Q3

The industry’s big hitters have finished their doing their sums and counting their cash for another quarter and revealed just how they have performed over the quarter gone by. Apple, as per usual, posted a strong growth in profit, and was joined by America Movil, which did the same. Ericsson and NTT DoCoMo, had bad news to report.

Apple acquires Google’s HTML5 aide

Particle's website has been replaced by a static holding page

The ongoing war between Apple and Google continues to rage on, as it has surfaced that Particle, the web design and creative consultancy firm that the former has reportedly acquired has, until now, been a key supplier to Google.

Google enhances Street View with “biggest ever update”

Google has updated its Street View mapping service

Capitalising on an opportunity to trump its fiercest rival in the smartphone space, Google is launching what it claims is its “biggest ever update” to its Street View application.

iPhone 5 fails to connect users to wifi

Apple's iPhone 5

More flaws have appeared in Apple’s iPhone 5 as the device has been failing to connect some US users to their wifi network and instead forcing them to use their monthly allowance of cellular data. Users have been unknowingly surpassing their data limits due to the fault.

Waste not want not


When the Informer saw the news this week that a Californian artist had created a model of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs out of his own waste he naturally jumped to the wrong conclusion; namely that an art school flunky had made some sort of jobbie-Jobs. Of course we cannot rule out the possibility that, at this very moment, somebody, somewhere is meticulously bent on just such a project, in the middle of their living room, with all the manic concentration of Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters. But the story centred in fact on an artist that had created a Jobs figurine from Jobs’ own domestic rubbish, gathered over a period of months from his bins, before he passed away.