Bad Apple

If you thought the ‘I am rich’ application that two or three numpties bought for their iPhone a while back was crass in the extreme (the application, which cost almost $1,000, simply displayed a glowing ruby, with the words ‘I am rich’ on the phone’s screen) you’ll be no doubt interested to learn that Apple’s App Store has sunk to a new low.

Operator-run app stores risk fragmentation

Operator run app stores risk fragmentation

Carriers risk creating more fragmentation in the mobile application space if they seek to replicate the app store model pioneered by Apple that is causing such a stir in the industry at present.

Apple records bumper quarter as iPhone sales rocket

iPhone boosts Apple profits

Californian kit vendor Apple bucked the credit crunch trend during the first quarter, as strong sales of the iPhone helped the company report bumper earnings.

Theatre of operations

Competing in the theatre of operations

The number of smartphone operating systems is on the increase. With a variety of business and development models, from end to end proprietary to true open source, there ought to be something for everybody. While the smartphone sector as a whole is growing, though, not all of the operating systems will enjoy the same levels of success.

Amazon, Apple in music price war

Amazon, Apple music wars

Online music giants Apple and Amazon are duking it out in an MP3 price war, which looks likely to spill over into the mobile space.

VoIP apps make headway on handsets

VoIP makes headway on handsets

Mobile internet telephony firm Vyke said this week that it has extended its existing agreement with Finnish handset vendor Nokia to bring its VoIP application to more smartphones.

Apple enhances iPhone with v3.0 software

Apple shows off iPhone 3.0

Californian kit vendor Apple has shown off its shiny new iPhone OS version 3.0 this week, releasing a beta version of the software to registered developers.

Our house

Here in the UK we’ve this week been turned into a nation of peeping toms, with the arrival of Google’s street view mapping application. Although, it seems that people are only really interested in looking at places they’ve looked at thousands of times before.