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37% of UK online sales now over mobile

Shoppers are attracted by click & collect

While online retailers roll their Black Friday bargains over to Cyber Monday – and probably beyond – research shows that an increasing amount of online sales are being made via smartphones and tablets, and this trend is continuing – but this does not mean smaller crowds, as consumers are also switching to ‘click & collect’ services.

BT partners with Huawei for 3 Tbps over existing fibre

BT R&D MD Tim Whitley

BT and Huawei have successfully trialled a 3 Terabit per second (Tbps) super channel connection over an existing fibre optic link, paving the way for significant capacity on BT’s core fibre optic networks without having to replace cables.

Financial community cautiously positive about Apple Pay

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with Apple Pay

Apple may have lined up the chief executives of Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase to laud the launch of Apple Pay, but reaction from the wider industry was more muted.

Polish bank ramps up mobile payment capability with HP/Accumulate technology


PKO Bank Polski has introduced a mobile payment service that covers all payment situations. The roll-out includes the bank’s ATM estate and will eventually reach more than 65,000 POS terminals operated by eService, a subsidiary of the bank.

Wincor Nixdorf predicts mobile cash withdrawal explosion


While most large banks in the UK offer a mobile app, some do not yet offer mobile cash withdrawal as a service. That is likely to change soon, according to Ian Byrne, banking director UK and Ireland at ATM maker Wincor Nixdorf.

People prefer banks for mobile payments, says VocaLink

VocaLink CTO Paul Stoddart

Banks may have a poor reputation with the public, but the majority of people in the UK would be more likely to adopt mobile payment services if they are provided by a bank, according to payment services provider VocaLink.

Mobile malware headache looms for security managers


A 400 per cent increase in malware for mobile devices masks a security scene where many of the threats are much as they have been for several years – but where the volume of attacks means that firms should think in terms of when their defences will be penetrated, rather than if they will be.

Riding the payments roller-coaster


UK banks are still in “a difficult place” as they face economic uncertainty, increased cost and competitive pressures, complex regulations and rapid technological changes – but the changes that are happening in the payments industry offer scope for them to reclaim the initiative and deploy innovative solutions.

Mobile payments will see retail banks regain balance in 2013


Mainstream adoption of bank-led mobile payments services and the results of investment in removing siloed channels will see retail banks start to redress the balance between the opposing pressures of cost reduction and the need to invest in innovation in the coming year.

M-Pesa mobile payment arrives in India

There is a large unbanked population in India

Indian bank ICICI Bank has partnered with Vodafone to launch the M-Pesa mobile payment service in India before the end of the year. The service will be provided by Vodafone India through its subsidiary Mobile Commerce Solutions. Under the M-Pesa brand, MCS will provide a mobile wallet service, while ICICI Bank will provide the mobile money account.