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Experience Weightlessness moving ever further away from a design that would exploit the characteristics that would provide such a system as it becomes ever faster and more complex. Bluetooth and Zigbee...


A Week In Wireless

Reality bites

...itself up with the launch of a touchscreen watch that connects to the wearer’s Android device via Bluetooth, offering updates on things like incoming calls and text messages. Sony said...



Google working on augmented reality glasses

...bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headsets still have niche appeal, it is a technology that has gone from early adopters, into the mainstream, and then effectively out, into niche markets where there’s...

Motion control is the new remote


Kinect-like controllers come to Smart TVs

...last’s apps. Control via this method is easy, but as yet not always without its frustrations. Interestingly these remotes also tend to rely on wifi rather than Bluetooth. Last and...

What will the device of the future look like?


Interface Schools

...ringtones, Bluetooth and SMS technology. Today’s smartphones have internet connectivity, touchscreens, app stores and developer ecosystems, but what can we expect to see in the next stage of evolution in...

Android handset returns cost the carrier market $2bn per year


Android handset failures cost operators $2bn per year

...of sale, operators should explain to customers that enabling wifi, 4G, 3G and Bluetooth all at once will shorten battery life considerably, for example, and certain apps will only be...

A variety of chips will be made available for Microsoft Windows 8


Windows 8 winning support from mobile chipset designers

...In addition, Qualcomm’s Gobi mobile internet connectivity offerings will provide Windows 8-based PCs with wireless 3G and 4G, while the company’s Atheros’ WCN3660 combo chip will deliver dual-band wifi, Bluetooth...

The GSMA hopes to boost the M2M market


Qualcomm chief hooks up proximity-based P2P offering

...each other regardless of the device or platform they are using, with connectivity established over either Bluetooth or wifi. Other implementations could allow users to share data or documents and...

Read our feature on mobile advertising


Death of a salesman? as well. It’s not uncommon for brand performance campaigns to have multi channel capability. And while there are experiments with NFC and Bluetooth-enabled advertising schemes, the high spend today...

Read our interview with Rob Jonas, VP & managing director for Europe & Middle East at InMobi


Early days

...there are experiments with NFC and Bluetooth-enabled advertising schemes, the high spend today in terms of mobile is about using the scale of the channel to deliver compelling ad formats....

The web-based OS will be loosely based on Android


Mozilla targets mobile with Android-based OS

...Android compatible apps. The team will then build prototype APIs for exposing device and OS capabilities to content, including telephony, SMS, camera, USB, Bluetooth and NFC, with a focus on...



E-Health Case Study: Telstra include a variety of healthcare providers and enterprises and, potentially, consumers. According to Telstra, products developed for one sector are often requested by another: MyGlucoHealth, a Bluetooth-enabled blood-glucose meter...


A Week In Wireless

Here we go again…

...pocket, as does Qualcomm, apparently. This week the Californian firm announced the $3.1bn acquisition of Atheros Communications, which develops wired and wireless networking technology, using wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Ethernet, power...

What will the device of the future look like?


Qualcomm expands portfolio with $3bn Atheros purchase wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Ethernet, power saving and peer to peer connectivity. “It is Qualcomm’s strategy to continually integrate additional technologies into mobile devices to make them the primary way...



Healthy prospects

...(using femtocells), BlueTooth, Zigbee or proprietary protocols. Mesh-architectures could also be considered. Any of these could be made to work, but WiFi has the big advantage of the home hub...

What will the device of the future look like?


Checking out the form

...the range of connectivity options is better on the Streak, with wifi, Bluetooth and HSPA. And its position at the mobile phone end of the spectrum of devices is reinforced...

China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom agree on a new Machine-to-Machine venture


Telefónica and Jasper partner on M2M

...& Media, said it was important to remember that there are many technologies over which devices can be connected, Bluetooth, RFID and wifi, for example, and that cellular solutions will...

Public access small cells are gaining clear market traction and will dominate small cell revenues for the foreseeable future


Broadcom acquires femto developer Percello

...its own 3G/2G cellular solutions, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, Ethernet switching and other associated IP, to accelerate the availability of highly integrated, lower cost 4G wireless broadband devices. Broadcom also...

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