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US smartphone users enticed by sponsored data plans, reports survey

US smartphone users are open to using sponsored data plans driven by fear of exceeding their mobile data limit, according to research published today.

Telecom Italia appoints chairman and Board
Telecom Italia has appointed Giuseppe Recchi as its chairman of the Board of Directors

European operator group Telecom Italia has appointed Giuseppe Recchi as its chairman of the Board of Directors. Recchi’s appointment ends a six-month wait for a successor to former chairman Franco Bernabe, who also served as CEO at the firm.

Samsung gets cosy with Kindle, Tizen

Amazon has partnered with Samsung to launch a custom ebook service, bundling a content subscription with the device.

US operators, device vendors create smartphone “kill switch”

Leading handset manufacturers and operators in the US have teamed up to introduce a ‘killswitch’ in an effort to curb smartphone theft in the country.

AT&T signs connected car deal with Volvo

US operator AT&T has entered into a multi-year agreement with Swedish car manufacturer Volvo to provide internet connectivity in vehicles in the USA and Canada starting this summer.

Carta Blanco: NFV at Telefónica

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is set to become one of the defining trends of the era in the mobile network. Spanish incumbent Telefónica is the first operator to lay out its approach to NFV and its plans are both detailed and aggressive. Mike Hibberd met with Global CTO Enrique Blanco ahead of Telefónica’s NFV announcement, to learn of the changes in store.

Shifting Gear
Michael Combes, incoming CEO of Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes spoke to a handful of press during Mobile World Congress about the various power struggles within the telecoms industry, key technological trends like NFV and his belief that ALU has a portfolio that truly matches operator demands “for the first time ever”.

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MCI183_Changing the State of the Network

The move to network functions virtualization is gathering momentum

A Week In Wireless
Off the clock

The Informer has often thought that it would be fun to work in France. He is full of admiration for the two-hour lunch; the 35 hour working week and the Gallic shrug. Well the country has gone one better this week, bringing in rules to protect employees from being disturbed by work email when outside of office hours.

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