Sony Ericsson is backing Android

What does it mean when the executives start jumping ship from Nokia to Sony Ericsson? This week Tommi Laine-Ylijoki, who worked until recently as VP of materials management at Nokia, joined Sony Ericsson as head of operations, reporting directly to CEO Bert Nordberg.

Like many Nokia execs, Laine-Ylijoki was a veteran of the firm, having worked there for 17 years in the fields of research in microelectronics, operations capacity management, direct sourcing and supply chain. In his last position he was responsible for all operational inbound supply-related activities for the company.

Trumpeting Sony Ericsson’s shift to Android, Nordberg said: “Tommi Laine-Ylijoki’s track record in the area of operations and supply chain management in our industry is second to none. As we shift more and more of our product portfolio to Xperia smartphones based on the Android platform, we continue to look for ways to achieve a cost efficient operational framework on which to build future growth.”

Sony Ericsson


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